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[ # ] Shut up and dance to this Walk the Moon cover of an Adele song
March 4th, 2019 under Adele, Jimmy Fallon, Walk the Moon

The other day Walk the Moon was on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. After they were done performing on the NBC late night show, they asked them to do a cover of their choice.

They pop group chose to Adele’s Someone Like You and made it their own. They started out harmonizing the first verse perfectly and then they added in some instruments to make the melancholy song less sad.

It is a much different take than the original, but it is just as beautiful. It doesn’t reach into your core and rip out your heart, but it helps you remember a past relationship fondly instead of with heartbreak.

I remember when my friend heard the Dixie Chick’s cover of Landslide, he said it takes 3 singers harmonizing to equal the power of Stevie Nicks’ voice. That is kind of how I felt about Walk the Moon doing Adele because she has one of the most powerful voices ever to grace our ears.


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