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Wait, are Sam Smith and Adele the same person?
January 23rd, 2023 under Adele, Drew Barrymore. [ Comments: none ]

I guess there is a rumor going around that Sam Smith and Adele are the same person because the two singers have never been photographed together.

So is Smith just Adele in drag? He tells Drew Barrymore on her talk show today that people say if you slow Adele’s music down, she sounds just like him.

Do you hear it? Because I don’t. But I do see similarities between the two. So much so that I hope he goes to see her in Vegas and takes a photo with her. This way, we can end the rumor. Unless it is not a rumor…


We’ve been saying Adele’s name wrong all of this time
November 2nd, 2022 under Adele. [ Comments: none ]

I don’t know about you, but I have been pronouncing Adele’s name as aa-dell. Well, guess what? That is not how she says it. During a Q&A with fans, the singer revealed that Amy pronounced her name “perfectly” as uh-dale.

So there you have it. That is how you say her name if she calls you and says, “Hello, it’s me.” You can say, “Uh-dale, how are you on the other side?”


Adele reschedules her Las Vegas residency 
July 25th, 2022 under Adele. [ Comments: none ]

Remember in January, when Adele suddenly cancelled her Vegas residency just hours before the curtain went up? Well, today, she announced that she has rescheduled those dates for November 18, 2022 to March 25, 2023.

Words can’t explain how ecstatic I am to finally be able to announce these rescheduled shows. I truly was heartbroken to have to cancel them.
But after what feels like an eternity of figuring out logistics for the show that I really want to deliver, and knowing it can happen, I’m more excited than ever! Now I know for some of you it was a horrible decision on my part, and I will always be sorry for that, but I promise you it was the right one. To be with you in such an intimate space every week has been what I’ve most been looking forward to and I’m going to give you the absolute best of me.
Thank you for your patience, I love you ♥️ Adele.

Adele will play all 24 cancelled dates, along with adding 8 new shows. Tickets go on sale on August 10th for ticketholders of the postponed dates, and then for everyone else the next day.

Are you going to see her in Vegas?


Has Adele hit hard times?
May 11th, 2022 under Adele, Fast Food, Hard times. [ Comments: none ]

It has not been the best of years financially for Adele, Her latest album did not do as well as her other ones, and her Las Vegas residency got cancelled at the last minute.

Therefore, you have to wonder how the singer is making money. Now, we know. She is working at McDonald’s. Well, at least that one time she went there with her boyfriend, Rich Paul. However, if this music thing doesn’t work out for her, she has a future asking if you want fries with that.


Wheeler Walker Jr sums up Adele’s latest album
March 21st, 2022 under Adele. [ Comments: none ]

Let’s be honest, Adele’s latest album is not as good as her other ones. So much so that yesterday, people were bashing her NBC concert special yesterday.

So, what is different about 30 as compared to her previous records? Naughty country singer, Wheeler Walker Jr, has a theory. He said, “I was listening to that new Adele. Gd damn, that is some boring f*cking sh!t, man. Who listens to that f*cking sh!t? I got to be honest with you. I used to like Adele when she was fat, and now she lost all that weight. And now she is just a f*cking skinny, basic, f*king bitch. Man, that new album is a f*cking bore. You know what it sounds like, sounds like she is fucking hungry. She is thinking about chicken fingers and boring the f*ck out of me.” Then he concluded with, “Adele get fat again. Get good again. You suck right now.”

Do you agree with him? Is that why 30 is as exciting as turning 30? Not that I would know because I am going to be 29 forever.

Back to Wheeler Walker Jr. If you are TikTok, then you have heard his songs, including F*cked By a County Boy. If you haven’t heard it, get lost on his YouTube page. I promise it is worth it.


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