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[ # ] Shock and Terror is the best way to describe Birdemic: Shock and Terror
February 22nd, 2010 under Demi Moore, Movies

via Damon Lindelof
Not since Head Cheerleader, Dead Cheerleader have I seen a movie trailer where both the movie’s acting and special effects look equally as sh!tastic. I seriously don’t know what it worse the acting in Birdemic: Shock and Terror or the worst computerized birds in motion picture history? Seriously if Alfred Hitchcock could do it with Birds back in 1963 when CGI didn’t exist, why couldn’t they do it with this movie 47 years later? This movie looks like it is going to be so f*cking horrible that it will be freaking hysterical. A must see when you need a really bad movie to laugh at or when you are stoned or drunk! Imagine the drinking games you could come up with for this movie…every time a bird sh!ts on someone…every time the birds come on the screen…and so on.
BTW if you live in the Los Angeles area there is a screening this Saturday at 10p at The Cinefamily. Then after the screening there will be a Q&A with writer/producer/director James Nguyen and stars Alan Bagh and Whitney Moore.

If you are like everyone else but me and have never heard of Head Cheerleader, Dead Cheerleader, here is the NSFW trailer. Just watch the trailer all the way through to see how horrendous the severed body parts are. It is seriously one of the worst movies I have ever seen, and I so wish I owned it on DVD. Luckily someone uploaded to YouTube if you want to suffer through it. I know I will be watching it again tonight!


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