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October 13th, 2023 under Courteney Cox, Starz!

Shining Vale is back on Starz tonight at 9p, and they found a way to make this season even wilder than the last one.

Yes, they even found a way to top a ghost having sex with a human. How? I am not going to tell you.

But I will tell you tonight’s episode picks up four months after the season finale. In case you forgot what happened, here it is. Terry (Greg Kinnear) and Pat (Courteney Cox) Phelps moved into a house with their teenagers, Gaynor (Gus Birney) and Jake (Dylan Gage), which they didn’t know was haunted.

Pat meets one of the ghosts, Rosemary Wellingham (Mira Sorvino), a housewife who is ahead of her repressed time. She decides to possess Pat to help her write her book, but she does so much more.

Eventually, Rosemary decides to kill Terry with an axe, but instead hits him over the head, and he falls down the stairs. Pat, who was high on pills, falls down next to him. Terry winds up in the hospital, and Pat in an insane asylum. And now you are caught up.

Terry is starting to walk again and learning the basics. He has done such a good job it is time for him to go home.

Pat has been getting shock treatments, and she is not ready to go home. However, her insurance refuses to pay, so she also goes home.

And that is a good thing because Gaynor has been taking care of her brother, and the 16-year-old has no idea what she is doing.

Now that they are all together again. The shit is going to go down. Rosemary isn’t done yet with the Phelps, and she has found a new way to torture them that doesn’t involve an axe.

In fact, there will be a few deaths this season, and no axe is involved. But you are going to love what it is. It made me laugh. But I am sick and twisted. So is this show.

I want to tell you more, but that doesn’t happen for a few episodes, and only one episode is dropping every Friday. So you will have to come back next week. And you will want to because it gets better each week until the shocking conclusion. But that is two months away.

If you haven’t seen Shining Vale, you can start with the season 2 premiere tonight and then watch season 1 on the Starz app. Once you tune in, you find yourself hooked because there is nothing else like it on television.

Jeff Astrof, who created the show, has a brilliant way of giving us original enjoyable shows that make you laugh with the characters.


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