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[ # ] Shay Mitchell talks about Pretty Little Liars
June 29th, 2010 under Freeform

Shay Mitchell plays Emily Fields on Pretty Little Liars that airs Tuesdays on ABC Family at 8p, and this pretty little liar has a big secret and she recently talked to me about that secret.
Shay described Emily as “the sweetest of the bunch. I wouldn’t hurt a fly, peace maker, wants everything to be good and comfortable for all the girls.” So I asked her how much of her character is like her and she said she is loyal to them and she will never reveal their secrets…unlike A!
So what is Emily’s secret? Well as we saw during the first episode she kissed a girl and she liked it. But as Shay told me there is more than just meets the eye. Emily is trying to figure who she is and she is dealing with her sexuality. Does she like boys or girls? Because Emily comes from a conservative family, she doesn’t have anyone to talk to and she said that is hurting her. At this point she is not a lesbian and she is not straight, but she is exploring. As we have seen she did have a boyfriend before that kiss and that did not work out so well for her. But could the guy who saved from a bad situation be her homecoming date or could it be her new female neighbor who moved into the wrong house or could she go alone? Shay seemed very coy on who her date will be, and I know I am not the only one who can’t wait to find out.
And as much as I can’t wait to find that out, Shay couldn’t wait to read the PLL books when she got the part. So I had to find out after reading the books if Emily was the character she wanted to play or was there someone else she had in mind? You will have to watch the above interview with the adorable and sweet Shay Mitchell to find out!
BTW Pretty Little Liars is such a hit that ABC Family has ordered 12 more episodes from the show bringing the total to 22!!!


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