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[ # ] Larry King Live is dead!
June 29th, 2010 under TV News

Larry King announced today that he is quitting his show on CNN in the fall after 25 years. I am sad to see him go because his interviews were always interesting because you never what was going to happen because he never knew who he was interviewing.
I think it is huge a$$ mistake on CNN’s part for letting him go because he is the biggest name that they have left on the network and he brings in the names because he does such soft interviews. Plus he is their highest ratings getter. They never will be able to get anyone to replace him.
Seriously what is happening to the Chicken Noodle News? In the last year they lost Lou Dobbs, Christian Amapour and now Larry King and all they got as a replacement is a governor who was forced to resign because he hired a call girl(s). Oh well at least they have they have the ever so exciting Wolf Blitzer, I say sarcastically.
Finally I wonder how long it will be until Anderson Cooper jumps from the sinking ship. I bet he will be out when he is contract ends, if he lasts that long.

UPDATE: Yesterday on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson he did a tribute to the soon-to-be-departed Larry King in a way only he could…Larry King of the Jungle!


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