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[ # ] Seth Rogen apologizes to Kelly Clarkson over 40 Year Old Virgin
May 12th, 2021 under Kelly Clarkson, Seth Rogen

Kelly Clarkson was a household name because she was the first person to win American Idol. But then, people were screaming her name for a different reason. They were screaming it just like Steve Carrell did when he had chest waxed in 40 Year Old Virgin.

That line was written by Seth Rogen, and today the Daytime Talk Show host called him out on it. “Well, I am terribly sorry,” he said to her. “I owe you an apology.”

Rogen then went on to explain how he came up with the joke. He was a co-producer/writer on the movie, and Judd Apatow wanted Carrell’s character to scream out nonsensical things as he was getting his chest hairs ripped out of his body. Apatow instructed the writers that he wanted clean and dirty things for Carrell to say. Rogen was home watching television, and Clarkson came on. The actor says in comedy, ka-sounding words are considered funny. Kelly Clarkson has two kas in her name, so that is why she was perfect for that joke.

When did Clarkson first hear about it? She went to the movies with her friends. As she was entering the theater, she heard her name being yelled out, but she didn’t know why. Then someone explained to her that Carrell did it in the trailer for the movie that was just previewed.

That was the first time she heard it, but it was not the last. Wherever she goes, people stop her and belt out her name. They don’t know her songs, but they do know that scene. And she has not problem with it.


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