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[ # ] Seth Meyers throws food at Kelly Clarkson
November 20th, 2019 under Kelly Clarkson, Seth Meyers

Even though Seth Meyers hosts a nighttime talk show, he goes day drinking with some of his guests. One of those guests was Kelly Clarkson. Therefore, today when he was on her daytime talk show, she decided to drink with him.

Before they even downed a full glass of alcohol, they were as drunk as they were when they drank so much more. After Meyers threw a peanut up in the air and caught it with his mouth, Clarkson wanted to see if she could do it too. However, she wanted him to throw the nuts in her mouth. She kept missing. They might say, “you are what you eat.” However, how can we say that if she doesn’t eat any nuts?

It is both hosts’ nuttiness which is why we love their talk shows. Hopefully, after they were done with this taping, they went day drinking again.


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