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[ # ] Seth Green kidnaps Zachary Levi!
September 26th, 2010 under NBC, Seth Green, Zachary Levi

On Friday night Robot Chicken’s Seth Green kidnapped Chuck’s Zachary Levi and the two Tweeted the details and pictures about the kidnapping. So sit back and read as the two of them let us experience the memorable evening with them! I promise you will enjoy it as much as Zach did. I bet he wishes his had intersect abilities the second he saw Seth Green coming for him.
On that note you can watch Seth in all new Family Guy on Fox tonight at 9p for a full hour and then tomorrow at 8p on NBC you can watch Chuck kick a$$ as compared to this weekend when he got his a$$ kicked.

Here are their Tweets from that night, they will hold you captive!
Seth Green: Outside @ZacharyLevi ‘s house. I predict a kidnapping.

Zachary Levi: Hearing strange noises in my back yard. Should I check it out?

Clare Grant aka Mrs Seth Green: I don’t condone this! What @SethGreen is doing to @ZacharyLevi is WRONG! HELP!

Seth: Mission accomplished! @zacharylevi

Zach: In the back trunk of a kidnapper who sounds like Chris Griffin, with someone else’s blood on my hand. Glad they let me keep my phone. Bonus.

Zach: Just found a retainer case with the name @sethgreen on it. This is all starting to make sense…and that scares me…

Seth: Dammit! Left retainer in the trunk- I can feel my teeth moving=(

Zach: After dodging his attack, I ran to the nearest gas station. I’m in Barstow I think. And I’ve wet myself.

Seth: No no- I got @zacharylevi back.

Zach: …i’m blindfolded and gagged…it’s loud …and @sethgreen seems excited…

Zach: Uh, yeah, I can tweet whilst blindfolded. Can’t you?

Seth: Happy birthday @MelCaylo! Here’s your present @zacharylevi!!!

Seth: There were warnings @zacharylevi

Zach: Seth took me to Mel’s Drive-In to make up over a nice chocolate malt. I’m oddly sore, and reek of urine, but water under the bridge, eh?

Seth: Thanks @zacharylevi for a fun adventure. See you when you least expect it…


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