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[ # ] Samuel L Jackson acts out his motherf*cking career!
March 9th, 2017 under James Corden, Samuel L Jackson

Samuel L Jackson has been in so many movies, even he doesn’t know how many it has been.

Yesterday, on The Late Late Show, James Corden and him acted out a small fraction of them from Pulp Fiction to Soul Men with some huge hits in between like Snakes on a Place, Star Wars: Episode I and II, Shaft and many more in an 11 minute retrospect that will make you stand up and applaud his amazing work through the decades.

There is a reason why he is in so many films because no one takes over a scene like the biggest MoFo in Hollywood, Samuel L Jackson!

The best part of this highlight reel was watching him laugh hysterically when something went wrong because he is always serious in his movie. He needs to do a movie where he really gets to let go and have some fun. Could you imagine Ice Cube and him doing a straight-up comedy? Actually we would be laughing the hardest because both of them would try their hardest not to crack.


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