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[ # ] Roseanne keeps the original theme song!
November 25th, 2017 under Roseanne

To me, one of the biggest differences between a revival and a reboot is the theme song. Revivals keep them and reboots modernize them. Thankfully, Roseanne is a revival and today Roseanne Barr revealed that they are keeping that tune we have all heard hundreds of times as is. We do not how the open will look, but we do know she really enjoyed it. Which means so will we.

Now, if only ABC will finally tell us when the 9 anticipated episodes will air, we will all be as happy as she is here. What are they waiting for?

BTW I love the no social media sign in the background, hopefully she will not get in trouble for posting this on social media. Then again she is Roseanne Barr and when has she ever done what she is supposed to do?


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