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[ # ] An all-star cast boards The Christmas Train tonight on Hallmark Channel
November 25th, 2017 under Hallmark

In a year full of darkness and hate, Hallmark Channel is bringing light and love one movie at a time. Tonight at 8p, they share a story of lost love being rediscovered on The Christmas Train with a cast full of stars who needs to work together more often.

Tom Langdon (Dermot Mulroney), a former war journalist, decides to tell a different type of story in honor of his late father who loved locomotives. He is one of the passengers on The Christmas Train traveling from DC to LA and his tale of riding across country to meet his long distance love is one of the many told tonight as he tells theirs.

Eleanor (Kimberly Williams-Paisley) is the script doctor to Hollywood Producer extraordinaire Max Powers’ (Danny Glover) and they are there to write a script based on their journey. She is also Langdon’s ex-girlfriend and neither one knows that the other is on the train. Once the two exes meet up, sparks start to fly again, but she doesn’t want her heart broken again.

Young lovers Julie (Kirsten Prout) and Steve (Anthony Konechny) have boarded the train to elope and their forbidden love story will remind the former lovers what love is all about. Julie is from Kentucky and Steve is a billionaire, whose family does not approve of them getting married. That is why they took this form of transportation to run away. They ask Powers to marry them and they want Elanor and Tom to be their best man and bridesmaid on Christmas Eve. They have 3 days to give this couple the perfect wedding.

Some of the other passengers are Agnes (Joan Cusack), who gives Tom sage advice, widower John (John Innes), who is spending his first Christmas without his wife of 40 years and Misty (Karen Holness) a psychic.

While everyone is planning the wedding, Tom is thrown from a loop when his girlfriend actress Lelia (Holly Elissa) surprises him and asks for his hand in matrimony. Any hope that Elanor and Tom could rekindle their romance seems to be dashed forever. Or is it?

You don’t want to miss this sweet love story that proves love can happen at anytime and anywhere to anyone. What makes Hallmark Channel so special is that time and time again they give us hope and make us smile. That is why I am thankful that they continue to produce television movies for the whole family to enjoy together. That is why you should watch this telemovie tonight and all of the other ones they produce year round.


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