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[ # ] Robert Downey Jr. is not a Swiftie
January 24th, 2024 under Robert Downey Jr., Taylor Swift

Robert Downey Jr. is about to feel the wrath of Swifties, and I am not sure even Iron Man can prepare himself for that fallout.

The actor was asked to read the lyrics of Taylor Swift’s Blank Space by W Magazine, and he told them he was not familiar with the tune. So much so that he thought it was called Blank Face.

That could’ve been a forgivable offense for her rabid fans. However, you could tell he was not thrilled to do it.

And it was evident because after he was done, he declared, “Fucking got through it.”

I honestly can’t recall the actor, who is pretty much up for anything, being so upset about doing something.

Maybe RDJ was having a bad day, and that is why he was so unhappy. So, hopefully, her fanbase will go easy on him because he is a friend and not a foe. Lynn Hirschberg is the foe here.

This is the second interview I have seen go to shit this week. And interviewers better beware. Because actors learned they don’t have to do press during the strike, and they might start saying no.


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