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January 5th, 2020 under Obits

Medium Derek Acorah passed away on Friday at the age of 69 after developing sepsis from pneumonia according to Sky News.

He is best known for “contacting spirits” with his spirit guide Sam on the paranormal investigation show Most Haunted. He reportedly had a falling out with the show’s star over accusations of him faking it for the camera. After that, he got his own show called Ghost Towns, where he helped several people in a haunted town.

In 2009, he led a seance special where he claimed that he contacted Michael Jackson. Then in 2017, he came in fourth on Celebrity Big Brother.

I was a huge fan of Most Haunted until I read the accusations about him. He was good TV, so I believed him. After that, I just watched it for the architecture because it felt so fake after I read that. I won’t say too much because they say don’t speak ill of the dead, and he can talk to the dead. Which makes me wonder if he is haunting his naysayers now.

Having said all of this, you should check him because he was always entertaining. Why else would Saturday Night Live spoof him?


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