Seriously? OMG! WTF? » Ricky Schroder proves why the maskless honor system won’t work
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[ # ] Ricky Schroder proves why the maskless honor system won’t work
May 15th, 2021 under Coronavirus, Ricky Schroder

Several stores are relaxing the wearing a mask rule for people who have been vaccinated. However, people who got the COVID-19 vaccine look like the people who haven’t gotten it. So how are stores going to know who got it and who didn’t? They are going to go with the trust system.

There is only one problem. The people who haven’t been wearing masks are the same ones who won’t get vaccinated. So why would they suddenly put on a mask now? They won’t. Therefore, people like me, who are not selfish and care about others, will still have to wear masks. Because I am not maskhole.

Do you want to see a maskhole? Here is Ricky Schroder asking people to boycott Costco because they won’t let him in since he is maskless. If a private business says you have to wear a mask, then you have to wear one. If the store chooses to follow the law of the land, then you have to follow what the store says. If you don’t like that, then you can go to another store. It is that simple.

Stores require you to wear shirts and shoes, so you do it. A mask is just another piece of clothing you are required to wear. These are the same people who went to SCOTUS and asked that if a store doesn’t want to make a cake for a gay wedding, then the bakery does not have to. They can’t just have the rules only be for one side. They are for both.

So, Ricky, you can’t ask for anarchy against Democrats when you support Trump. You are either support the government and its laws, or you don’t. You can’t only support the law when your guy is in charge.

I know you went to school on the set, so you probably didn’t learn the basics. Therefore, maybe you should learn them before you make a stand. Life is not a sitcom that you can ask the writers to do whatever you want. There are network execs who are in charge, whether you like them or not. It is just part of the job.

So when Jet Blue asked you to put on a mask, they had every right to do that. That is why you got a warning. If you don’t want to wear a mask when you fly, then take a train or a car. Private companies can do what they want. If you don’t like it, then go somewhere else.

And use some moisturizer because the sun really wrinkled your face. You would be a lot better with a mask on, so we don’t have to look at all of that sun damage. See, masks can be good. You would look a lot younger with one on.


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