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[ # ] Rick Springfield celebrates his ’80s youth on The Goldbergs
August 23rd, 2018 under Rick Springfield, The Goldbergs

Last season, Rick Moranis guest starred on The Goldbergs and this year they got another Rick from the era to be on the sitcom. This one is Springfield, Rick Springfield. Although some people call him Bruce.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the rocker will be Erica’s boss at a Karaoke bar called Gary-oke’s! Hopefully, we will see him singing one of his hits Karaoke style. How like totally awesome would that be?

How does the man who wants Jessie’s Girl feel about it? He said, “Alright! At last I get to play a guy from the ‘80s. I’m excited to guest star on ‘The Goldbergs’ and return back to 1980-something!”

Even though today is his 69th birthday, he still looks exactly like he in the decade that The Goldbergs take place in.

Talking about time, the show will be back with all-new episodes on September 26th and the season premiere pays homage to Sixteen Candles.


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