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[ # ] Richard Marx has never been as sexy as he was on Family Guy
April 19th, 2021 under Richard Marx, Seth MacFarlane

Every now and again, Family Guy uses real people in live-action sequences on the animated show. Yesterday, Richard Marx was the latest celebrity to lend his face to the once canceled sitcom. I am sure Fox will always regret that decision.

Anyways, back to sexy Richard Marx. The singer did a bit where he wanted to make clay horses when he grew up. After Peter says, that is the dumbest horse he has seen. “It hurt to hear, but deep down, I respected him for saying it,” Marx is overheard saying. “That boy grew up to have a multi-platinum recording career.”

Now on camera, he adds, “Hi. I am Richard Marx, and I suck at making clay horses. But ask your wife if she cares?” Then he seductively brushed his hair over his ear with his hand and winked. That slo-mo moment got me as hot as his music does when I make my lover listen to his tunes when we are having sex. Admit it; you do that too.

Back to Marx, and not to diss him. But…considering Seth MacFarlane’s audience, shouldn’t he have said, “Ask your mom if she cares?” What? You thought the same thing. This means I also just aged myself too. Now I feel old. Damn you, MacFarlane. We are even. You donated money to the place where I adopted my cat so that they could build their amazing sanctuary, and then you make me feel like an old cat lady. I am returning the cat. That is what I get for naming her Meg. I didn’t, don’t worry. That is cruel and unusual punishment.


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