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[ # ] Retro: Watch Carol Burnett change up a scene without telling Harvey Korman
April 29th, 2019 under Carol Burnett

The Carol Burnett Show was not only funny because of the acting and writing, but it also made us laugh when the actors would break character and started laughing with us. Harvey Korman was an easy target and Tim Conway got him a few times. However, singling him out started during the first season.

Back in 1968. Burnett had a scene with Korman and before they started filming she told the audience a little secret. She let them know that at the end of the scene, she is supposed to hit her co-star in the head with the kitchen door. However, she added, she is not going to do it to see his reaction. Since he was backstage during her announcement, he did not hear her evil plan.

The audience sat and waited until it was time for that moment to happen. He calls out her name and nothing happens. He does it again and again nothing happens. Finally, she pulls, the door open and started laughing hysterically. She was not the only one. Korman was rolling on the floor laughing his a$$ off before it was actually a thing.

It is moments like that that made the variety show such a joy to watch. No matter how many times you a see sketch from it, it still makes you laugh out loud. As they say, they do not make it like this show anymore.

Whether you have never seen the Variety show or you just want to watch it again. It airs 11p, weeknights on Me TV because their humor never gets old.


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