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[ # ] Proof Jason Derulo is a man
December 9th, 2019 under Jason Derulo

Have you heard about the chair challenge? Basically, men and women bend down with their heads against a wall, a chair at their chest, and then they have to raise up, holding the chair in place. For women, it is easy for men; it is nearly impossible.

Jason Derulo tried to do it and he was stuck in the bent-over position. Proving, he is a man. However, we did not need this challenge to tell us that. I think we can agree, the now-infamous photo of him in his underwear already did that.

BTW there is one man that was able to stand up straight up holding the chair. To see who it is, then

Who knew that Michael Strahan of Strahan, Sara & Keke would be the one male who would be able to master the challenge. I guess, he is right, when you are in the Hall of Fame, you can do anything.


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