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Jason Derulo left a $5,000 tip
March 9th, 2023 under Jason Derulo. [ Comments: none ]

Jason Derulo was in Ohama, Nebraska, with his family, and he took them out for dinner at the Charleston Restaurant. I guess he really, really, really liked the service because he gave his waiter a $5,000 tip on a nearly $800 check.

Why did the singer do it? Derulo wrote on Jordan Schaffer’s TikTok page, “You seem like a great person. Thank you for taking such great care of our fam. Keep spreading the love bro.” With tips like that, I am sure he will continue to spread the love. I would!

So what is Schaffer going to use that money for? He says that amount of cash can pay for a semester in college.

In a world full of J-Los, be more like Derulo! Seriously, we need more celebrities like him who give with their hearts and pay it forward.


Jason Derulo sings Thong Song in Operatic style
March 3rd, 2023 under Jason Derulo, Jimmy Fallon. [ Comments: none ]

Jason Derulo is on That’s My Jam this Monday on NBC. And Jimmy Fallon is giving a sneak peek of his performance on the singing celebrity game show.

During the Musical Genre Challenge, Derulo was asked to sing Sisqo’s Thong song in the style of Opera. So how did the Pop star do? He nailed it like Sisqo wants to nail the woman in that dress so scandalous.

Now, we might think of the singer as that guy who makes cheesy TikTok videos. But did you know he trained as an Opera singer? Thus, why it was so easy for him to do this.

Am I the only one who is wishing he would release an Opera album covering contemporary songs that you would never expect to hear in that style?


Jason Derulo’s son tortures him for us
October 20th, 2022 under Jason Derulo. [ Comments: none ]

I know a lot of people find Jason Derulo annoying on social media, so this TikTok is for you.

His son, King, got into his dad’s coffee, and guess what happened? The 17-month-old went crazy like a kid on sugar to the 10th degree at a candy shop.

So for those of you who have wanted to see the singer suffer, Christmas came two months early.


Jason Derulo shows us the joys of fatherhood
September 14th, 2022 under Jason Derulo. [ Comments: none ]

About 16 months ago, Jason Derulo became a dad for the first. The singer was looking forward to taking his mini-me out in public with him and sharing his pride and joy with the world.

Derulo thought it would be easy because Jason King is such an angel at home. However, when they are not at home, the toddler turns into the devil.

If the Cats star thinks it is bad now, wait until his son gets older. It only gets worse!

It is almost like all of those crazy TikToks that Derulo made while ex-Jena Frumes was pregnant have come back to haunt him.


The things Jason Derulo can do by spinning
August 24th, 2022 under Jason Derulo. [ Comments: none ]

Jason Derulo saw a woman who put out six candles with nunchucks. So he decided to do the same. However, he didn’t have any nunchucks.

So, what did he use? He started out by thrusting his pelvis, so I thought he was going to use the huge sword between his legs. But then he changed it up and did a spin. The spin was so powerful that it blew out the candle.

Is there anything he can’t do?


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