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[ # ] Patti LuPone responds to the Donald Trump/Evita comparisons
October 5th, 2020 under Donald Trump, Patti LuPone

Donald Trump checked himself out of the hospital today and immediately went back to the White House. When he got there, he stood on the balcony, without a mask and gasping for air as he looked down on the press.

That moment reminded people of the extremely powerful scene in the Broadway musical Evita when Eva PerĂ³n sings Don’t Cry for Me Argentina from her balcony to the people of her country.

When Patti LuPone, who originated the role in 1979, saw that people were making the comparison, she had to stand up on her balcony and respond to all of her Twitter followers. “I still have the lung power and I wore less makeup. This revival is closing November 3rd,” she wrote.

There is only one person she hates more than Glenn Close, and it is Donald Trump.

A majority of Americans agree with her. We loathe him, especially after today, when he declared that we should not be afraid of COVID-19. He just handed his followers Kool-Aid, and they will guzzle down the cyanide-laced drink with a big smile on their face. He literally shot America on Fifth Avenue, and they are like, “Thank you, sir. Can I have another?”

Vote him out to save America and Americans. If we don’t, his ignorance, narcism and grandiose
behavior will kill us all.


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[ # 1262701 ] Comment from BrilliantADHD [October 6, 2020, 12:54 pm]

He didn’t “literally” shoot America on 5th Avenue. He would have to have been on 5th Ave, with a gun, with all of America there with him.

Biden/Harris FTW!

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