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[ # ] Patricia Arquette gave Joseph Gordon-Levitt his first kiss
August 1st, 2019 under James Corden, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, The Arquettes

Patricia Arquette was on The Late Late Show yesterday and James Corden asked her about being Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s ‘first-ever kiss.’

Back in the early ’90s, she starred in Holy Matrimony with Gordon-Levitt and the two of them had to get married. In the film, the two belonged to a community that when a woman’s husband dies, she has to marry his brother. In this case, it was the 12-year-old actor who had never been kissed.

Before the scene, Jane Gordon went up to Arquette and said that her son was nervous because it was his first kiss. Therefore, the actress went up to her co-star and told him, “Hey, this is just pretend. This really isn’t your first kiss either. Like you get to have your own first real kiss.”

Although for a preteen to tell all of his friends that his first kiss was with a woman twice his age, I think he would he would be OK with saying his first kiss was with her. Now it is creepy to think about it. However, back then, it was probably cool to him and his friends.

When it comes to the smooch, she said it was just a peck. She wanted to make sure we knew it was nothing more than that. Because that would be really icky.


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