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[ # ] Paris Hilton gets pulled over by the cops again
February 28th, 2007 under Paris Hilton

(Photos from Flynet Online) 
According to AP Paris Hilton was pulled over again by the cops last night in West Hollywood. Seems after being trapped in her for a photoshoot she went over to the Virgin Megastore to get some CDs. Wonder if she got Sammy Hagar's I Can't Drive 55 because cops pulled her over for speeding and driving without her headlights. Paris was driving her $250,000 Bently at the time, you would think the car's headlights would go on automatically. I mean my car that is worth 10% of that has that option. Anyways, when cops pulled her over they realized her driver's license was suspended. Elliott Mintz and her did not know it was suspended, but I wonder if that happened, you know when she was arrested for DUI several months ago? All Paris Hilton got this time was a ticket, a misdemeanor and her car was impounded. Maybe it is time for her to get a driver.

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