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[ # ] Grey’s Anatomy spin-off sends the cast into a tail spin?
February 28th, 2007 under Shonda Rhimes

More troubles on the set of “Grey’s Anatomy.” A spinoff of the popular series is in the works that will feature actress Kate Walsh’s character, Dr. Addison Montgomery, and some other cast members reportedly are feeling blindsided and short-changed. “The rest of the cast seemed instantly resentful of [Walsh],” a source told Star. “They each thought they’d be the one chosen to get their own show, and now they’re giving Kate the cold shoulder.” The source adds that “Grey’s” star Ellen Pompeo “seemed particularly peeved because she felt that, as the star, she should have been consulted.” The upset comes just as the storm over a furor over cast member Isaiah Washington’s gay slurs began to subside. Laments the source: “Things had finally settled down and now everyone’s disgruntled again.”
Scoop (story) and Reuters (photo)
You know they are all going to walk away with very hefty contracts. ABC needs this show whether they want to admit or not.

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