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[ # ] Oprah Winfrey had a last minute dress change for the Royal Wedding
May 19th, 2018 under Oprah Winfrey

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Oprah Winfrey was one of the best-dressed people at the Royal Wedding today, but that was not the dress she was supposed to wear. She originally was going to wear on a beige one, but on camera, it would have looked white. As anyone knows, you don’t dare wear white to a wedding. That is reserved for the bride only. Well her, and the ex-girlfriend, who somehow got invited and actually showed to the nuptials, therefore she is only there to upstage his new lady.

Anyways, Lady O called up Stella McCartney on Friday morning and asked her to make her something for the big day. What is she going to do, say no? No one says no to Oprah and lives. Do you know anyone who has? I don’t either.

Back to the dress, the fashion designer’s people stayed up all night, and she got what you saw today, just 24 hours after she made that call. I am glad that other one did not work because the Queen of Daytime was pretty in pink at the royal affair. Oh and she said the hat was vintage. Vintage to her means it has been in her closet since 2005. Vintage to us means something completely different,


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