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[ # ] Open your ears because David Hasselhoff has new music out!
September 11th, 2019 under David Hasselhoff/Baywatch

David Hasselhoff wants you to Open Your Eyes and read that he has a new album coming out on September 27th. The first song is out now and it is a cover of Lords of the New Church’s Open Your Eyes. A song that was released in 1982 and is just as relevant now as it was then. Which is probably why he picked it to be his title track.

That and he found a way to make it sound really sexy. His singing voice is perfect for the bedroom if you catch my drift. Now, I get why Germany loves him so much.

The album also marks the 30th anniversary of when Berlin tore down that wall. You know the one he performed on that very night. The album is full of song bridging music from the US, the UK and Germany during that era.

To see the tracklist, then

1. ‘Open Your Eyes’ (feat. James Williamson)
2. ‘Head on’ (feat. Elliot Easton)
3. ‘I Melt with You’ (feat. Steve Stevens)
4. ‘Lips Like Sugar’ (feat. a Flock of Seagulls)
5. ‘Heroes’ (feat. Tyler Bates)
6. ‘Here I Go Again’ (feat. Tracii Guns)
7. ‘Jump in My Car’ (feat. Todd Rundgren)
8. ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’ (feat. Charlie Daniels)
9. ‘If You Could Read’ My Mind (feat. Ava Cherry)
10. ‘Sugar, Sugar’ (feat. Steve Cropper)
11. ‘Mit 66 Jahren’ (feat. Patrick Moraz)
12. ‘Sweet Caroline’ (feat. Ministry)
13. ‘That’s Life’



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