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[ # ] BH90210 ends its season, Harvey gets arrested on Suits
September 11th, 2019 under Beverly Hills 90210 / Melrose Place

Tonight at 9p, BH90210 finishes up its season on Fox. Just like the docuseries is wrapping up the season, the episode starts off with them wrapping up production of the pilot for their revival.

Now that they are wrapped, it is time for the wrap party. More secrets will come out, some you won’t even see coming. At least I didn’t.

After the party, it is time to wait and find out if their revival or The OC’s, yep The OC, will be picked up for a season. Now, the filthy rich kids from Beverly Hills are battling out with the rich kids from Orange County and there will only be one winner. Who will it be? The originals or the copycats?

While they wait to see who is declared the winner, Tori Spelling finds a way to get her hands on the results of the focus group. Let’s just say the audience reaction is not nice. Can they handle the criticism? Of course not.

That is why this limited series was so much fun to watch. Who needs camp when you can watch this campy summer show?

Also at 9p but over on USA Network, it is time for one of Suits final 3 episodes. Since the show is wrapping up, they are tying up some loose strings.

Andrew Malick (Usman Ally) is ready to take on Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and Sean Cahill (Neal McDonough) one more time. Malick is so convinced he has the two of them, that he gets them both arrested. As they are being interrogated, he pits them against each other. Will either one of them sing or will they remain loyal to each other?

While they are in jail, the lawyers back in the firm will try to get them out. Well, everyone but Faye (Denise Crosby) who is still up to her dirty tricks. Donna will put her in her place. Because she is Donna (Sarah Rafferty) and that is what Donna does.

Once this is all resolved, they have a set up for next week’s episode. One that makes me wonder where they are going with that thought? When all I can think about it is why does this show have to end? WHY?


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