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[ # ] OMG! It’s the new Salem for the Sabrina reboot!
February 9th, 2018 under Netflix, Revivals-Reboots

Roberto Aguirre Sacasa, creator of Riverdale and the new Sabrina, revealed the new Salem for the Netflix reboot and it is just a f🐾cking black cat. When I saw all these sites losing their crap over the reveal, I was like I have to see what it is so special about this pussy. What I saw has me in hissterics because it was just a black f🐾cking cat. I showed it my cat, who is black and white, and she said, “It is just a black f🐾cking cat!”

There you have it, it’s the new Salem or as I call it “just a f🐾ckig black cat.” My cat left me something more interesting in the litter box today than this spoiler!

Me-and-ow! Am I being to catty or was this purrfect?


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