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[ # ] Oh fudge, Lily says the F-word on tonight’s Modern Family
January 18th, 2012 under Modern Family

Tonight at 9p on ABC’s Modern Family, awwwdorable little Lily is going to do something she has never done before…she is going to use the F-word. And for you uptight people who are calling this controversial, show creator Steven Levitan said the four year old actress does not say the real word when they filmed the scene, but she actually says a yummy word instead. It will just appear like she has said the cuss word when the show airs.
So how did such a storyline come about? Here is what he told us at the ABC TCA Winter Press Tour Day, “What happens in life is occasionally kids stumble on a word, they say a word maybe they heard it, maybe they just say it, they see the reaction and then it becomes their go to word for a little while. That’s how the story came about.” He then added when asked if she said that word, “We never forced this beautiful, innocent, little child to say the actual word in real life.” When asked what she does say, he explained, “To tell you the truth, she says ‘FUDGE‘ in real life. We thought would actually be funnier.”
When he was asked again about the storyline again, he wanted to add “I think it is a very relatable parents story. It’s that thing that happens that so many parents have to deal with. Ut-oh, she knows that word, I hope she doesn’t say it at an inopportune moment.” Since I know he is a father to three kids in real life, I had to know when something like this happened to him. He shared with us, “You know what, I don’t even remember to tell you the truth. But there are just those moments, where they say something and it really cracks you up and you don’t want them to see you laugh because that is the worst thing you can do.”
I don’t have kids, but my friends’ daughter is at the impressionable age and now we have to watch what we say around her because she repeats what we say. Let me tell you we say a lot of inappropriate things, so I am constantly watching what I say. And there have been times where she has done exactly what Lily does on the show tonight, so it something that anyone around little ones can understand. So to all you people who are looking for controversy when there isn’t, get a life and enjoy a show that everyone in the family can appreciate. Because let’s be real we have all done a Lily when we were growing up. When I was her age and I saw a roach, I would exclaim “Look at the sh!t! Look at the sh!t!” And yes my parents would be embarrassed, but that is what kids do. Do you remember what your no-no word was when you were a wee-one?
Finally I don’t know what sets off her to say the F-word, but if I were here it would be about wearing that dress.


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