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[ # ] Now we know who that one Nickleback fan is…
December 10th, 2018 under Fred and Ben Savage, Nickelback, Ryan Reynolds

I thought that hating on Nickleback was a Canadian rite of passage, but I guess I was wrong. Because when Fred Savage took issue with the globally hated band, Deadpool had had enough of people that trashing the Rock band.

The man in red spewed out a whole bunch of facts that prove we actually love to hate them in public, but in private we love listening to them. Leaving little Kevin Arnold to respond in one way and one way only. By saying sorry. As in singing a duet of How You Remind Me with the ugliest superhero.

Because of that, I have been listening to Nickelback for the last hour. Damn you Deadpool. In protest, I am not going to see Once Upon a Deadpool on Wednesday. Instead, I will wait until Thursday!


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