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[ # ] No Bones about it Raising Hope has the daddy of all episodes!
November 15th, 2013 under Bones, Fox, Raising Hope

Bones is moving to Fridays at 8p on Fox tonight and you don’t want to miss this episode. Bones is serving on a jury for a murder trial and you know how that is going to go. Especially when they all get sequestered.
Meanwhile the crew back at the Jeffersonian are looking into a murder that is tied to the case that Bones is on. Will they find out both are connected before it is too late? You have to tune into find out.
Then at 9p, Raising Hope is finally back and they are airing not one but two episodes. In the first episode, the Chances realize that there is a man that has been following them all around for years, what does he want from them? Let’s just say his closer to them than they know.
Then at 9:30p the Chances come up with their own financial system and they are living the high life. That is until something happens…
Even though Raising Hope has a new showrunner, the sitcom is still as funny as ever.
Who would ever think that there would be more good shows to watch on a Friday than on a Wednesday? My DVRs can’t even record them all.


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