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[ # ] Need another reason to watch Undateable?
October 24th, 2015 under Bill Lawrence, Ron Funches

via Ron Funches
Undateable is the first sitcom in over 20 years to go live for a full season, and that should be enough of a reason to get you to watch. But there are many more reasons to check out this highlarious show. It is the funniest and most relatable comedy on television today is another reason. What about the fact that they are using social media to interact with their fans 7 days a week? In fact, they are taking interacting with us so seriously, that they actually have a cell phone you can call to speak to someone from that show. That’s right, if you dial (313) 525-2014, someone from the show will pick up.
Still not sure if you want to want to watch this show every Friday at 8p on NBC after all of that, what about how sexy David Fynn looks wearing just the phone number to call. That is actually more than he normally wears on the show. Tuning in now, aren’t you?


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