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[ # ] NBC continues to be a Good Place with Perfect Harmony and Will & Grace
November 7th, 2019 under NBC

Tonight at 8:30p on NBC, the choir from Perfect Harmony go to watch another Church do their thing. They are much better than Arthur’s group (Bradley Whitford). Therefore, when he meets a woman who sings like an angel, he asks her to join his chorus. What he did not know is that she is Ginny’s (Anna Camp) rival? Now, he has to decide between the two. Who will he choose?

Back to the other Church, it is where Dwayne (Geno Segers) spent most of his life because his family goes there. Then when he came out to them, they kicked him out. Will seeing them get them to reunite or will his only family belong in his new Church, Second First Church of the Cumberlands

It is a night about rivals, full of a lot of winners.

Then at 9p on The Good Place, it has been a year since they started the experiment to find out if humans can be good. They are in their final hours and it looks like Michael’s (Ted Danson) team is going to lose. Can the humans save us or are we all doomed to the Bad Place forever? You don’t want to miss the final seconds…

Finally at 9:30p on Will & Grace, Will (Eric McCormack) is afraid he is going to lose his hair, so he goes to a specialist to get a transplant. After talking to the doctor he decides to go bald and get Jack (Sean Hayes) to do it with him. How will the two men look bald? You don’t want to miss it!

Meanwhile, Grace (Debra Messing) gets the results of her DNA test and realizes she is related to someone we know. Can you guess who?

Finally, Karen (Megan Mullally) plays poker with her ex-brother-in-law and she wins his baseball team. She is going to be running the bases with them whether they like it or not…

If the below photo does not make you watch, then nothing will.


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