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[ # ] NBC and ABC each cancelled a freshman show
March 4th, 2022 under Fox, NBC

NBC announced that they cancelled Ordinary Joe, and then a few minutes later, Fox did the same with The Big Leap. The news, reported by Variety first, is no surprise because neither show did well in the ratings.

The Big Leap was a great show, but it was wrongly paired with 9-1-1 because it reached a different type of audience. 9-1-1 is first responder drama, while The Big Leap was a fictional take of the behind the scenes of a reality dancing competition show and all the madness that goes on. Well, even more so because it was make-believe. It also had a lot of heart.

Ordinary Joe had an interesting concept. James Wolk starred as the lead character, who had three choices on his college graduation day. The show followed what happened if he made each decision. There was only one problem, the decisions were forced on us 10 years later. We needed a standalone episode for each timeline so we could have gotten to know each story better. It helped with This Is Us, and I think it would’ve done the same with Ordinary Joe.

Are you sad that these shows were given the ax? I am upset about The Big Leap.


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