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[ # ] Must see TV is back on NBC tonight!
September 28th, 2017 under Dick Wolf, NBC

After a few years off, Must See TV is back on NBC starting tonight at 8p with Superstore. Since they did not send out a screener, I cannot review how the devastating tornado effected Cloud 9 and all of the store’s employee’s lives. I will be watching it live and so should you!
Then at 8:30p, Michael (Ted Danson) gets to reintroduce Elanor (Kristen Bell) to The Good Place all over again and again and again and again. That is because she keeps figuring out that they are really in the bad place. Well one time, someone else does. But you will have to watch to see who. Anyways, will the Bad Place Four finally figure out a way to get Michael to stop erasing their memories or will they be living Groundhog’s Day in Hell over and over and over again? You have to see tonight’s twist to find out because there is always a twist!
Then at 9p, the most anticipated show of the Fall season makes its debut or should I say redebut? That is because Will & Grace is finally back!!!

I did not watch the sitcom the first time around, so I have been binging it on the NBC app for the last week. I love this show and I wish someone would have told me how funny and enjoyable it was back when it aired originally. Since I have a new love for the beloved show, that means I am going to be very critical of the revival.

And I LOVE it more that Will (Eric McCormack) & Grace (Debra Messing) & Jack (Sean Hayes) & Karen (Megan Mullally) love each other. They found a way to make everything old, new again. In fact, like a good wine, it got better with age. The chemistry between these fours is so rare and comes off so naturally on camera. The things the writers give them to, you can tell they love these so much characters so much that they wanted to do them justice and they did. It is a love fest all the way around from them to us and back to them.

Tonight’s series second-time-around premiere starts off, eliminating all of the changes from the series first-time-around finale. Very quickly we find out that Will & Grace are single and childless, Karen is still rich and Jack is still Just Jack!

Once we get that all cleared up, Grace, who is still a designer, gets the job of a lifetime, thanks to one of Karen’s other girl friends. That is decorating the Oval Office. When I heard the show was going to get political, I was nervous. I get so much politics already on social media that I do not want it my scripted television. That is supposed to be my escape from it all. If that is how you feel, then do not worry because the show touches out in a way that will make you laugh and not get pissed off. In fact, of the three episodes that I watched, tonight’s is the only one that touches it. But they do deal with other issues in the next two weeks that proves that are 11 years older than they were when the show ended. Like cancer and dating way younger.

No matter what they do, they make us laugh. So touch bellies with someone you love and then watch Will & Grace with them for a big ole belly laugh!
Then at 9:30p, I have some great news for you about Great News. Tina Fey goes from behind the camera to in front of it. After the news team screws up beyond belief thanks to Katie’s (Briga Heelan) mom, Carol (Andrea Martin), they get a new boss (Fey). She is a tough no nonsense boss, who wants to change things up. Gone is the traditional newscasts and hello to the one full of opinion and talking heads. Portia (Nicole Richie) is OK with the new format, but Chuck (John Michael Higgins) loses it on air. Will Greg (Adam Campbell) be able to get his anchor team back on track? And what is going on with him and Katie? Carol wants to know to and so do you?

Great News might be fake news, but unlike the real news it is even zanier than what the President watches even though he says he does not. And that says a lot.
Then the night closes out with Chicago Fire on its new night, and we find out who survived the warehouse fire. Did Casey (Jesse Spencer) say I love you to Gabby (Monica Raymund) for the last time? Did Mouch (Christian Stolte) survive his heart attack and the fire? Will Chief Boden (Eamonn Walker) risk the lives of his other firefighters to rescue the ones still inside the fire? All I will say is have the tissues ready. I wish I can tell you more about this episode, but you do not want to know? You want to see it for yourself on the original Chicago show that’s get better with each passing season. That’s right, the show is still on fire. I guess you can say literally!


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