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September 24th, 2009 under Michael Strahan

Tomorrow night on Fox at 8p Michael Strahan is going to make his acting debut in the hysterical comedy Brothers, and had I not told you this was first acting role you never would’ve guessed it. Former NY Giants’ defensive end Michael Strahan is playing a role that is a real stretch for him…a former football player. Well that is pretty much as much that the two have in common because on the show he moves home to the house he bought for his parents and brother because his manager ran off with all of his money. Michael and his brother Chill don’t get along because he still blames him for the accident that left him in the wheelchair and the digs that both of them make towards each other will have you LYOA. Even though they don’t get along in front of the camera, it is a much different story when these two old friends are off camera. Well sort of, he told me that Chill’s influence on the set has everyone picking on him and in fact it even worked on me too as you will see by the end of the above interview. But it is all in fun as he told me “The key to working here is if you show up and you expect to work and act like it is work, you are not welcome. We show up to have fun and enjoy ourselves and laugh because this is a comedy. If you are not laughing behind the scenes, you are definitely not going to make people laugh when they watch the show.” And believe you will be laughing because not only is the writing brilliant their timing and chemistry is just perfect.
Another thing he told me is that Chill and him sit down with the writers and share ideas from their lives and experiences that will work for the show. And his humor off-camera definitely plays into his on-camera character of Michael Trainor. He also told me that his TV parents CHH Pounder and Carl Weathers are a lot like his own parents because they are funny without trying! You are so going to love the interaction between the two brothers and their parents, their are just so many hilarious one liners between the four of them.
So when I asked him what he wanted to let you know about the show to get you to watch, here is what told me “The is show is about family. The show is intended to make you laugh. Intended to make you feel, that no matter how much Chill and I get on each other, no matter how bad the situation is that at the end of the day you always got your family to go home to. They may rag on you. They may remind you of who you really are and all those things. There’s always that under lying feeling of love from your family and the opportunity to laugh.” And laughing you will do! So make sure to check out Brothers tomorrow and every Friday night on Fox for a family show that will make you laugh and laugh and laugh!!!


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