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[ # ] Mel Brooks is a crook!
May 18th, 2014 under Jimmy Kimmel, Mel Brooks

Nathan Lane was on Jimmy Kimmel Live and he told the ABC late night host some stories about Mel Brooks. Back when the legendary funny man was working on Sid Caesar’s shows, he was more outrageous than he is now. One day Brooks went out with sketch writer Howard Morris, to eat lunch on a boat in Central Park. As they were eating their lunch, Mel took out a (fake) gun and told his co-worker to give him his wallet and watch. Morris did as Brooks said, and Mel paddled away telling Howard not to tell anyone. Three weeks went by and Brooks returned everything back to him and said he did it because he wanted to see if he could rob the nice guy. The two made up and then a week later after the two men were eating lunch, Brooks held up his buddy again in a dark alley.
Who knew besides stealing our hearts with all of his brilliant humor, Mel will also steal anything and everything you have. So if you ever run into him, make sure you have some protection. And I am not talking about the chastity belt that they used in Space Balls.
BTW since Jimmy Kimmel Live no longer posts the full interviews, you missed where Lane said that Brooks told him he is 15-20% gay! I love that line for some reason.


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