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[ # ] Mel Brooks and Conan O’Brien give the late great Sid Caesar a perfect tribute!
February 19th, 2014 under Conan O'Brien, Mel Brooks

If you ever watched any comedy on television, then you have to thank Sid Caesar for that because he is the forefather for all of it. Last week, the great comic passed away and Conan wanted to honor a man that should not be forgotten. When Conan O’Brien was 10 years old his father took him to see a Best Of for Caesar’s sketch comedy, Your Show of Shows, and it was then that he knew he wanted to get into comedy.
So yesterday, Conan had Caesar’s former writer and great friend, Mel Brooks, on the show to remember his greatness. He did so by sharing stories about TV’s first Improv comedian and how some of television’s most memorable moments came about. Brooks also told us stories about their lives together when the cameras weren’t rolling and they were just as funny. Like the time the funny man, who was also extremely strong, lifted up a car that was parked in his spot and placed it on the sidewalk. Too bad the paparazzi wasn’t around then to capture that moment because what a sight it must’ve been.
As great as it was to hear all of these stories, the tribute was made even better as the TBS late night show shared clips from Sid’s career so that those who didn’t know him, could find out how truly brilliant he was. It also helped those of us who knew who he was to remember what a visionary he sincerely was.
As I sat in the audience yesterday, I was in awe. I went to see one of my idols, Mel Brooks, in person, but I came away with so much more. As soon as I got home, I played on YouTube for hours and watched several of Sid Caesar’s sketches throughout the year.
So today take some time to watch Brooks and O’Brien talk about about Caesar, and then when you are done play on YouTube to see exactly what they were talking about. It will definitely make your day so much better.
Thank you to Conan O’Brien and Mel Brooks for a truly impactful night.


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