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[ # ] Megan Park’s secret life as pregnant woman
February 6th, 2020 under Babies, The Secret Life of an American Teenager

Megan Park starred in Secret Life of the American Teenager, and for the last nine months, she has been keeping a secret. The actress and Tyler Hilton, her husband of four years, were expecting their first child together. Now that baby is out, so is the secret. The proud parents welcomed Winnie, and they are showing her off.

The new mom wrote, “Meet Winnie. She was hidden under many jackets and piles of books on several different sets last year but now that she’s here, healthy and happy, I couldn’t wait to introduce her. @tylerhilton and I thought we understood joy, love, purpose and life before but… turns out we weren’t even close until we met Miss. Winnie.”

The proud pop added, “Remember that project I said I was working on…? The one I told you was my favorite thing I’ve ever been apart of and it killed me to keep it a secret from u…?? Welp, @meganparkitthere and I have kept it to ourselves long enough. Everyone… meet the newest member of our crew, our daughter, Winnie Hilton. 🥰🥰🥰 It feels like we’ve known her our whole lives already and being her Dad the most natural thing I’ve ever done. To say I’m obsessed doesn’t quite do it justice. Meg was incredible, both she and Winnie are doing great, and just like that…we’re a family!! So heads up, go ahead and click Unfollow if you’re NOT interested in seeing me go full Dad on here for awhile… cause that’s what’s going down haha. Until the next record… which even then might be a kids record!! IM OBSESSED!”

It sounds like Winnie is going to be spoiled rotten by her parents. If they do not do it, who will? Well, their parents will do the same.

Congrats to the two. The baby girl is lucky to have Hilton sing her lullabies with his deep calming voice.


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