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[ # ] Meat Loaf responds to what Lorraine Crosby said on UK’s The Voice
April 8th, 2013 under Meat Loaf/Jim Steinman, The Voice

Lorraine Crosby will do anything to get her story out there, but Meat Loaf won’t let her do that the way she did without responding to what she said.
Crosby was a contestant on The Voice this Saturday and she told the show that she was the female voice on Meat Loaf’s #1 song I’ll Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That), but she didn’t get recognition for it. Well Meat went on to Facebook yesterday and explained his side of the story. By doing so we learned about the music industry and to always use your real name if you are ever given such a huge opportunity.

I am going to explain . The VOICE is a reality show they are going to edit for the dramatic. Lorraine herself was complaining that they edited her. Was she paid for singing the song, I believe so but that was 20 years ago. How things work . Musicians come in Play tracks they are paid a Union scale some get double some Triple but never royalties. Lorraine at the Time was being managed by JIm , don’t blame him, She was recording a record , she hoped that “Anything for Love” would make that record work for her. It didn’t , She wanted her credit as Mrs Loud . I tried my best to talk her out of it and use her real name. She wanted Mrs Loud. so be it. Singers go on other people’s record for no money to help promote them themselves sometimes it works other times it dosen’t . In interviews in 1993 I gave her all the credit for sining the song . The Director of the Video the now very famous Michael Bay thought she was not the right choice for the Video. Just like every A list actor is not right for every film. She did not get screwed and in 1994 she came on stage with us and Sang “Anything For love” in Newcastle. She deserves a lot of credit., But as she herself told me in 1994 , I tell people that is me but they don’t believe me . Why? because she used Mrs. Loud and not her real name. Jim and I did not screw her over in any way , she took the chance it just did not work. Lorraine and I are still friends and the Voice can go screw itself for editing out what she really said . I hope that all you who felt the need to call me names have learned something about the music business. If you really want to attack , go get the royalties that are owed to Myself and Jim for selling 45 million copies of Bat, and after that go after the royalties of all the other artist who have been screwed by Record companies. They are in the 1,000’s . People do things to forward their carrer , it doesn’t always work. If you need to believe what the voice edited to create some drama , then I see dumb people.
Much Love

UPDATE: Lorraine Crosby aka Mrs Loud took Facebook and explained her side of the story about what happened with the song and with The Voice. And we all learn an important lesson about the music industry.

In the interests of clarifying matters.
A. The voice is a reality show and they will heavily edit it for effect. In my experience True!
B. Was I paid for singing the song? No, it was sung impromptu as a demo for Meat to sing his vocals to .I believe Meat has no knowledge of this and would have expected the managements to deal with paper work etc . I was however paid for backing vocals on Three other songs on the album.
I have never mentioned any of this to Meat as I never thought it was his responsibility and has always treated me like a princess.
C. Session musicians receive a fee and mostly that’s the end of that. I do however receive the usual PPL payments for my performance on the record.
D. Meat did try to talk me out of being credited as Mrs Loud but Jim Steinman and I were trying to sell Mrs Loud ,but with hindsight Meat was right.
E. Meat has ALWAYS spoken highly of me and given me full credit for my involvement on Bat 2 and that has always been appreciated by me.
F. I understand that when Films or Videos are made they are cast by a director/producer and my look as a blonde was not what they were looking for at the time. I can live with that but the first I knew that my voice was lip synced to by Dana Patrick was when Jim Steinman told me to watch the video on VH1 and when my voice came out of her Face, I was absolutely devastated to say the least ! And no one asked me if it was ok for that to happen.
G. Meat and I are still friends and I am disgusted that any one would call this very kind wonderful man names for any reason.
H. I went on the Voice to try to improve my work situation as I am a full time musician and these day its best to have some sort of TV exposure to secure work , I have entered two reality shows and both were heavily edited but that’s just the chance you have to take.
I. The general public will probably never know what goes on behind the scenes in the editing rooms of these competitions.
Finally, I give my utmost respect and love to Meat will always thank him for the huge opportunity he put my way.
Best Wishes

UPDATE 2: Bonnie Tyler, who biggest hits were written by Jim Steinman the man that managed Lorraine and wrote for Meat Loaf also, also commented on the matter.

Bonnie’s long-time friend Lorraine Crosby was on BBC’s The Voice last weekend and she was disappointed to hear the judges didn’t turn round for her.
Bonnie says “I spoke to her after the show and she said she had a few technical issues and couldn’t really hear herself and felt she was out of tune. I said ‘You?! Out of tune? Impossible!’ I’m telling you now- that girl is amazing. I have never heard her sing anything other than perfectly in tune.”
In fact, everyone will know Lorraine’s voice as she sings on the infamous Meat Loaf track “I Would Do Anything For Love” but no one knows it’s her as they used a model miming the track in the actual video. In fact, bizarrely it was the model who was offered record contracts when the song came out.
As Bonnie says “Lorraine did an amazing job on that song. She is incredible and deserves much more recognition for her talent.”
When asked about The Voice coaches, it’ll perhaps come as a surprise to learn that Bonnie wouldn’t necessarily choose fellow Welshman Tom. “Tom’s amazing. I worked with him years back when i opened for him at the Greek Theatre in L.A. back in the ’70′s – and of course he’s Welsh! But I’m also a big fan of Jessie J she’s a great vocalist.”


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[ # 1256669 ] Comment from StFual [September 4, 2015, 12:57 am]

Was driving a shitty rental toyota from the Laos border to Bangkok in the night time pouring rain when I would do anything for love came on. Perfect sound track to a lost and lonely night so was looking at who the singer was.
I think given so many people got screwed over on the first Bat that people would have figured out how to get paid on the second one. That said sometimes you dont have the choice between the money and the exposure because lots of people will work for free so you take the exposure and the experience. Only the A listers really get to choose. The rest of us take what we get when we can get it.

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