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[ # ] McDonald’s is not going to like this Burger King promotion
October 26th, 2017 under Fast Food, Halloween

As we know, McDonald’s mascot is Ronald McDonald, who is a clown. This year more than year’s past, clowns have become seen a terrorizing. Thanks to It and people going around scaring others dressed as one.

Well, Burger King came up with a promotion for Halloween that might scare away some of its regular customers. On October 31st from 7p to close, they are giving away a free Whopper to first 500 people who come dressed as a clown to 5 of their restaurants including the Back to the Future 2 one in Burbank. And they added, “Validity of clown costume to be determined by BURGER KING® restaurant personnel in their sole discretion.” What does that mean?

I am sure McDonald’s is going to retaliate in some way, I just do not know how. If I were them, I would give away a free Big Mac to anyone who comes dressed as the Burger King. Let’s be honest, the Burger King is scarier than any clown including Pennywise.

When it comes to the ad, I know I will have nightmares from it because it was scarier than that Stephen King horror movie that came out last month.


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