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[ # ] Matthew Perry does an Angus T Jones!
November 29th, 2012 under Matthew Perry, NBC

Matthew Perry was so inspired by Angus T Jones telling the world not to watch his show Two and a Half Men; that the Friends star has decided that everyone needs to stop watching his show NBC’s Go On that airs Tuesday at 9p and he took to Funny or Die to get the message out there. This isn’t the first time Perry has done this, back when he was Jewish he told people to stop watching Studio 60 on the Sunset Trip. As we all know that campaign was very successful, although not as successful as the one he did for Mr Sunshine. Remember that show and what religion he was back then? Even he didn’t remember either.
Not only does the Whole Nine Yards actor not want you to watch Go On that airs Tuesdays at 9p on NBC, he is also giving back the money he has earned from his shows. Well all the ones that aren’t named Friends. After all he is not an idiot and can survive on that money for the rest of his life and his kids’ lives (if he ever has them) and few more generations after that.
Although unlike Jones, he apologized before the video was done and he wants you to watch Go On every Tuesday at 9p on NBC! And so do I because it gets better every week and he is just so cute and funny on it. I think he is the most likable and most talented Friend, don’t you agree?


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