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[ # ] MasterChef Junior is back on Fox tonight, yummier than ever!
November 4th, 2014 under Gordon Ramsay

My favorite reality show, MasterChef Junior is back on Fox tonight at 8p, and you so want to watch the sweetest competition show on television.
What makes MasterChef Junior so yummy is the kids are so supportive of each other. When you watch adults on these shows, they are out to destroy their competition. Tonight, when one girl starts crying, another one stops what she is doing to help her out. Then Gordon Ramsay goes over to her, and makes her feel about herself. Later on in the show, one girl serves a bad dish to the judges and she starts to cry. All of the contestant rally around her to make her feel better. On what other show do you see that?
It isn’t only the kids being nice to each other, the judges, Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliott and Joe Bastianich are more compassionate when they talk to these 8-13 year old homechefs.
It still blows my mind that these kids, who aren’t even in high school, can cook better than you and me. The dishes they turn out blow these MasterChefs’ taste buds and our minds.
So that is just a few of the reasons why MasterChef Junior is the most scrumptious show on television. You can add a few more to the shopping list, when you watch MasterChef Junior tonight and every Tuesday at 8p.


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[ # 1255526 ] Comment from Carole Yu [November 4, 2014, 2:41 pm]

Watch MasterChef Junior Season One runner-up Dara Yu in her new fun chef interview and cooking web series. Catch her newest episode where she cooks with Giada Di Laurentiis, and speaks with John Besh, and you’ll catch Jimmy Kimmel, Timothy Olyphant, Sean Hayes, Bailee Madison, Asia, and more!!

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