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[ # ] MasterChef Junior cooks up a winner and The Neighbors pitches Shark Tank!
November 8th, 2013 under Gordon Ramsay, Shark Tank, The Neighbors

Tonight at 8p on Fox a winner is decided on MasterChef Junior and tears will be coming from my house because I am crying that the delicious season is over. I am sincerely sad to see the best reality show on television come to an end.
Alexander and Dara are the top two MasterJunior Chefs in the country and by the end of the episode there will only be one. Will it be the 13 year old boy who can cook like nobody’s business or will it be the 12 year old girl who knows how to make every dish more beautiful than a painting. We will have to watch this yummy season finale to find out as they prepare a 3-course dinner for Chef Gordon Ramsay, Chef Graham Elliott and Chef Joe Bastianich. Let me tell each dish looks more scrumptious than the one they served before it. Their desserts seriously had my mouth watering and I am sure your mouth will be doing the same. So don’t miss this delectable episode tonight on Fox at 8p.

Tonight’s The Neighbors at 8:30p on ABC, the warm and witty comedy crosses over with the show that airs directly afterwards, Shark Tank. Debbie Weaver (Jami Gertz) desperately wants to be on Shark Tank, but she has yet to come up with an idea that will get her on the show. So one day while getting ready for the movies, she comes up with an idea to hide the wine in her purse. She can’t come up with the design, but Jackie Joyner-Kersee (Toks Olagundoye) does. So now, it is time for her to pitch her idea to Shark Tank, but she can’t come up with the right words. When Larry Bird (Simon Templeman) does, she makes the mistake of having him help her on the show. But he only wants to be on it, so he can be one of the Sharks. What happens when they go through the doors will have you in hysterics, so make sure to tune in because it is a million dollar episode. That and it is the best show, you are not watching on TV!


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