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[ # ] Lucas Hedges explains Shia LaBeouf
December 20th, 2018 under Andy Cohen, Shia LaBeouf

We all have misconceptions about Shia LaBeouf and yesterday a caller on Watch What Happens Live asked Lucas Hedges what is the biggest one we have about the actor.

You see Hedges is playing LaBeouf in the movie Honey Boy about the latter’s life with his father. Since the two men worked very closely together, they got to know each other very well. Therefore, Hedges was able to shine a light on LaBeouf’s bizarre behavior.

Hedges said, “I’d say the biggest misconception is, I think, that everything that he’s ever done that would be considered deplorable, he’s done from a place of, I think, really just afraid of the people around him,” Then he revealed that “He has the biggest heart, one of the biggest hearts of anybody I’ve ever met in my entire life.”

That is a lot to swallow and explains so much. I hope LaBeouf can work through that fear and return to being one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. He had a year where he was just that.


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