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[ # ] Louis Vuitton sick of photoshopping Madonna?
December 11th, 2009 under Madonna

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Louis Vuitton has replaced Madonna with a model half her age according to The Sun. They have hired Lara Stone who is 25 to take over for the 51 year old singer. So why are they no longer using Madge? A Louis Vuitton spokesman said: “After two seasons with such a huge star, Marc decided to take a breather and work with a model – and not just any model. It’s the choice of a new supermodel.” Breather? What does that mean? The teams of people who had to photoshop her were complaining so much to him, that he need a breather from them because they needed a breather from her?
Well at least Madonna can enjoy the fact that her boyfriend is younger than the model that is taking over for her!


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