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[ # ] Lizzo buys her mom a new wardrobe for her birthday
September 13th, 2021 under Lizzo

Some celebrities want nothing to do with their parents after they become a star. However, Lizzo is not one of them. That is because she made her mom very happy with a very sweet gift for her birthday.

She got Shari Johnson-Jefferson a whole new wardrobe. There is a special reason why she did so. The singer wrote, “Ever since daddy passed you’ve been telling me it’s been hard to dress nice for yourself. I know I can’t bring ur best friend back… but I still wanna give you the world. Happy birthday mommy, I love you. Time to be FLYY, girl!” Then she thanked Designer and Stylist Jason Rembert for the beautiful clothes.

They say clothes can make a person. But I say the way someone treats their mother really makes the person. And Lizzo is quite the person.

Say what you want about her, but there are so many positive things to say besides being a great daughter. She empowers women by telling them to be comfortable in their skin, she’s funny, and her music is outstanding.


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