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[ # ] Lisa Williams is back to talk to dead tonight on Lifetime at 9p
October 12th, 2007 under Lifetime, Reviews

Lisa Williams: Life Among Dead is back for its second season tonight at 9p on Lifetime.
Tune into Ghost Whisper at 8p and then switch over to Lifetime to watch the real thing. You know how I told you to bring some Kleenex to watch Ghost Whisperer, well you if you have any left you will need them to watch this show. I love this show, but OMG I had tears in my eyes throughout most of the episodes I saw in a good way. She is amazing to watch and she is so right on when she talks to people that she is reading it will blow you away. You can tell that Lisa Williams is such a good soul and she is the right person that was given this power because the way she tells the person she is reading about their loved ones is done with such love and understanding the person walks away feeling good. The show left me wanting to go schedule an appointment with her, but sadly she no longer accepts personal appointments. I might not be able to have my own personal reading, but we can all watch her as she reads others. Seriously you will be amazed how good she is!
So tune into Lifetime tonight at 9p and watch Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead for a feel good show to end your work week.


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