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[ # ] Lifetime’s Top That Party is a must attend at 10p!
January 4th, 2008 under Lifetime, Reviews

So when Lifetime sent me Top This Party, I thought this show is going to be crap, and boy I was beyond wrong. This show is awesome! OMG! Rich Real Estate women in Orange County, Ca who have had way too much plastic surgery hire a party planner to throw their parties for around $100,000! Seriously doesn’t that sound like must-watch TV! It really is!
Tonight’s episode deals with some spoiled woman and her, Lucy Lui circa Ally McBeal wanting be, assistant wanting to throw a $100,000 divorce party. First they wanted to roast a pig on a boat at sea, but got mad at the party planner when they were it was a no-go because it was illegal. Then they get mad when their new party entrance is also against the law and he can’t make that happen. Tune into see what the entrance was that they wanted and watch them throw temper tantrums that make a 2 year old look calm.
Next week’s is even better when a woman wants to throw a Halloween party for $150,000 and the psychic the party planner wants to use tells her it is going to go bad. What is fun about this episode is because the woman looks like she had one too many facelifts and botox treatment she tries to makes facial expressions, but her face is way too stiff to move!
Top That Party premieres on Lifetime tonight at 10p and believe you will appreciate going to a party that costs $100 after you see how the rich party!!!


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