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[ # ] Len Goodman seems to be over Tyra Banks’ BS
November 1st, 2022 under Dancing with the Stars, Tyra Banks

via Saechti

This is the third season that Tyra Banks has been hosting Dancing with the Stars, and most people wish we could vote her off.

While that is how we feel at home, the judges have been quiet about the mistakes she makes, the unnecessary small talk she has with the contestants, and the stuff that they dress her in.

Well, things seemed to be a little different yesterday because Head Judge Len Goodman called her out on a stupid thing she said.

Goodman told Charli D’amelio and Mark Ballas that their dance made him feel like “I was transported to some club in Argentina.” To which Tyra told him, “I heard the audience kind of make a sound when Len said he was transported to a club in Argentina.” Then she made it seem like he was talking about a modern-day dance club that young people go to.

And then she added that she thought the audience was like, “Whatcha talkin’ about a club?” That is when a frustrated Goodman told the host, “I don’t know what you are talking about?”

He and the other judges have been silent long enough. Time for them to start calling her out on the stupid things she says. She adds nothing to show but misery. Hopefully, this season will be her last, and they will let my JHS alum, Alfonso Ribeiro do it by himself from now on. We know he can do it.


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